We provide door step service when it comes to collection of waste from your home or office. The process starts with you approaching us, letting us know about the type and quality of your waste. On the basis of information you give, we will send you quote, which you can approve or disapprove. Once we receive your approval, we can send our staff people at your location to pick up the ewaste.

We collect all the electrical and electronic waste from the homes and office buildings as per the needs and requirements of our clients, in the most efficient and effective way.

Our list of items that we can pick up from your location includes a lot of things:

  • Computers, monitors, CPUs, laptops and printers

  • Telecommunication equipment’s

  • Fax machines

  • Electric / electronic tools and consumer products

  • Office automation products

  • Wires, cables, metal and plastic cabinets

  • Laboratory equipments

  • Monitoring systems


We recognize the significance of responsible e-waste management in the construction and DIY industries. To assist in this we offer a battery collection and recycling service to power tool stores and hire companies.

Solar Battery Recycling

We offer a specialized solar battery collection and recycling service to solar farms across the UK to help ensure that hazardous materials, such as lead and other toxic substances, are properly handled and prevented from polluting the environment.

Golf Cart Battery Recycling

Golf cart batteries contain valuable materials, such as lead, plastic, and electrolytes. Recycling these batteries allows for the recovery and reuse of these materials, reducing the need for new resource extraction.